Monday, August 8, 2011


   As an old GI I remember the extreme high quality of the food in the mess halls. On my first trip there so many years ago, I remember thinking that the place was appropriately named. It was a mess. We ate things that would kill weaker men, but I guess we survived.
   One of the worst things I ate was Minestrone Soup. It was always served on Fridays and contained all of the things we wouldn't eat earlier in the week. Then there was the mashed potatoes. That one should have been served with a straw to drink it. Peach pie. The old joke was that if it tasted like putty it was peach. If it tasted like glue, it was apple. Funny how they all tasted the same.
   But there was one thing the military cooked that everyone loved. S.O.S. Creamed beef on toast or the more common phrase "S__t on a shingle. It was widely known that nobody ever died with a gob of that in his gut.
   For many years I tried to make that stuff but never even got close to getting it right. Maybe if I reenlist.  
   Stop in once in a while. I'll try to write something new and informative about my book To Waltz with a White Horse.
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