Tuesday, August 16, 2011


   If you ever find yourself in the Philippines and your hair is a bit shaggy, take an afternoon and find a Barber Shop. What a great way to spend some time.
   First you get the nice hot bath followed by a great massage. Every muscle in your body is beat into submission even to the point where you can't walk for at least three hours. As you sit recuperating, they bring you a nice mixed drink. Ahh! 
   Then it's time for a pedicure. Yup, rock star treatment. Any callouses? They take care of that too. Then in walks the gal who does the manicure. Yup, nice and slow with lots of conversation.
   then you head for another private room where you get your hair sculpted and your face shaved. Then you must choose from about 200 different aftershave concoctions. Life can be so difficult.
   One more dip into a hot tub and if you feel able, out on the street and hail a Pedicab home.
   Stop in once in a while. I'll try to write something new and informative about my book To Waltz with a White Horse.
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